4-in-1 Security Sensor

Model: FT-DAS-II

The DAS-II is Firstech's first security sensor to detect glass breakage, which is crucial in smash-and-grab situations. Glass break sensors operate via built-in microphones that can be easily adjusted to your desired level of sensitivity. Check out our video demo of the DAS-II's impact and glass-break sensor capabilities.

Compatible with CM7 and CM-DC3 remote start and security systems.

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  • ft-das
    DAS-II sensor


  • Dual-Stage Shock Sensor
  • Tilt Sensor
  • Glass-Break Sensor
  • Built-in Accelerometer
  • Required for Manual-Transmission Remote Start

More Info

FT-DAS-II Alarm Alerts

Alarm Alerts

If your FTX system is connected to DroneMobile, you will be able to arm and disarm the DAS-II from your smartphone.

In the event that the DAS-II detects impact, tilt, or motion - you will receive an instant push notification from the DroneMobile app.

FT-DAS-II Digitally Adjustable Sensor

Digitally Adjustable Sensor

The new DAS-II now features LEDs and a programming button for easily adjusting the sensitivity of shock/glass-break/tilt sensing.

FT-DAS-II Required for Manual-Transmission

Required for Manual-Transmission

If you drive a manual-transmission vehicle, the DAS is a must-have for the safe installation of a remote starter. If your vehicle is in-gear, and is remote started, the DAS will automatically halt your engine if forward motion is detected.

FT-DAS-II Works with Most FTX Systems

Works with Most FTX Systems

The DAS-II is included with the MAX IT Remote Start & Security system.

The following systems also support DAS-II:
• Start It FT-7200S-CONT
• Alarm It FT-7300A-CONT
• All systems with CM-DC3

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