security upgrade kit for ftx remote start


Vehicle Security/Alarm Upgrade Kit for CM-DC3 & CM-7XXX


Adds enhanced vehicle security to any CM-DC3 or CM-7XXX remote starter system. Includes components for intrusion detection, towing, glass break, and theft deterrence.
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    DAS-II 4-in-1 Security Sensor
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    105+dB Alarm Siren
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    Theft-Deterrent LED
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    ELOCK Starter Kill Relay


  • Dual-Stage Shock Sensor
  • Tilt Sensor
  • Glass-Break Sensor
  • 105+dB Alarm Siren
  • Starter-Kill Relay
  • Alarm Alerts

More Info

FT-ALARMIT-KIT Upgrade Your Vehicle's Security

Upgrade Your Vehicle's Security

Most new vehicles are sold with some security features, but lack important sensors for detecting intrusion, towing, and smash-and-grab.

The FT-ALARMIT-KIT adds these types of security features to your vehicle. Each of the components in this kit plugs directly into any CM-DC3 or CM-7XXX remote starter.

FT-ALARMIT-KIT Sound the Alarm!

Sound the Alarm!

In the event of a break-in, your upgraded security system will activate the included alarm siren. This siren is designed to scare off any intruder, and to alert nearby witnesses of what's going on.


What is ELOCK?

The ELOCK starter-kill relay adds an extra layer of theft protection to your vehicle.

Whenever you press the "Lock" or "Arm" button on your FTX remote, the ELOCK will engage - preventing the vehicle from being driven even if the intruder somehow has your vehicle's physical key.

FT-ALARMIT-KIT The Smartest Security Sensor

The Smartest Security Sensor

The DAS-II is the smartest aftermarket security sensor in the market.

• Dual-stage impact detection for detecting hit-and-runs
• Glass-break sensor to catch even the most skilled car prowler
• Tilt sensor to detect when your vehicle's parked angle is changed by 1º or more!
• Built-in accelerometer that makes remote start on a manual-transmission vehicle 100% safe!

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