2-Way LED, Extreme Range Remote Kit

Model: RF-FTX2300-SS

Remote start and unlock your car from up to 2-miles away and receive instant 2-way confirmation. Super compact, but highly durable remotes that are water-resistant to go where you go. Includes two 2-way remotes.
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  • https://oemremotestart.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/FTX2300_main.jpg thumbnail
    (2) FTX2200R-SS 2-way remote
  • ant-2wdss
    ANT-2WDSS remote antenna
  • ftx 3 year warranty
    3-year, 36k mile remote warranty


  • 2-Way LED Confirmation
  • Extreme Range (Up to 2-Miles)
  • Water-Resistant Remote
  • Remote Start
  • Keyless Entry
  • 3-Year, 36K Mile Warranty

More Info

RF-FTX2300-SS Add 2-Way Remote Start

Add 2-Way Remote Start

Most factory/OEM remote starters do not support 2-way functionality, which is crucial if you're starting your vehicle from extended range.
Whenever you successfully lock or remote start your vehicle with this FTX2300 remote, you'll receive instant 2-way audible and visual confirmation.

RF-FTX2300-SS Extreme Range for Extreme Weather

Extreme Range for Extreme Weather

In most cases, your vehicle is not going to be parked 2-miles away from where you want to start it.
However, interference due to buildings, power lines, and nature does happen. In these environments, the FTX2300 ensures that your remote starter will outperform any other system on the market.

RF-FTX2300-SS Water-Resistant Remote

Water-Resistant Remote

Your keys go where you go, whether it's rain or shine. The FTX2300 remote features a high-strength injection molded body that is rubber-sealed from everyday water exposure.

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