honda dc3 remote starter

HONDA Remote Start

FTX Remote Starter for Select Honda Vehicles


Add remote start to select Honda vehicles. Integrates seamlessly with either a universal installation harness or a vehicle-specific "factory fit" harness..
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Integration Harnesses

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    HA2 - Honda/Acura standard key models 2001+
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    HA3 - Honda/Acura standard key models 2008+
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    HA6 - Honda/Acura PTS models 2013+
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    HA7 - Honda/Acura PTS models 2014+
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    HA9 - Honda/Acura PTS models 2013+
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    HA10 - Honda/Acura PTS models 2014+


  • Remote Start
  • 3X Lock Start
  • Keyless Entry
  • Trunk Release *
  • Factory Fit Installation *
  • Remote Upgradeable
  • DroneMobile Ready
  • Aftermarket Alarm Control from Door Handle *
  • Aftermarket Alarm Control from OEM Remote
  • Arm/Disarm OEM Alarm
  • Automatic Vehicles Only
  • Compatible with FT-ALARMIT-KIT
  • Data Immobilizer Bypass (Built-in)
  • Diesel-Engine Safe *
  • Updatable via Web/Mobile
  • Limited Lifetime System Warranty

* Additional parts and labor may be required.

More Info

FT-DC3-LC, ADS-HRN-HA(XX) Factory Fit for Your Honda

Factory Fit for Your Honda

The FTX Honda Remote Starter utilizes two main components: the CM-DC3 remote start controller and a vehicle-specific "integration harness".

These integration harnesses feature OEM-style connectors that make integration with your vehicle a seamless process. In other words, this remote starter was made for your vehicle!

FT-DC3-LC, ADS-HRN-HA(XX) Works with Popular Honda Models

Works with Popular Honda Models

The FTX Honda Remote Starter works with many popular Honda models, include the following current models:

• Accord (2019 and earlier)
• Civic (2019 and earlier)
• CR-V (2019 and earlier)
• CR-Z (2015 and earlier)
• Fit (2019 and earlier)
• HR-V (2019 and earlier)
• Odyssey (2019 and earlier)
• Pilot (2019 and earlier)
• Ridgeline (2019 and earlier)

FT-DC3-LC, ADS-HRN-HA(XX) Upgrade Your Remote Starter

Upgrade Your Remote Starter

Upgrade your system's maximum range by up to 100x and add 2-way confirmation. Both the FTX2600 and FTX2200 also provide 2-way visual and audible communication whenever you successfully start or secure your vehicle.

Don't settle with your OEM remote's communication range, go long with FTX!

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