Universal Remote Start & Security System

Model: FT-7000AS-CONT

Remote start and security solution for most vehicles. Includes universal wiring harnesses for high- and low-current applications, along with security sensors to detect intrusion, tilt, motion, and glass breakage. Compatible with all FTX remote kits and accessories.
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  • cm7000
    CM7000 Alarm Start Control Module
  • ft-das
    DAS-II 4-in-1 Security Sensor
  • thumbnail
    105+dB Alarm Siren
  • thumbnail
    Theft-Deterrent LED
  • default image
    Universal Installation Harness
  • default image
    Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Remote Start
  • 3X Lock Start
  • Vehicle Security
  • Keyless Entry
  • BLADE Ready
  • Theft-Deterrent LED
  • Tilt Sensor
  • Trunk Release *
  • Remote Upgradeable
  • Glass-Break Sensor
  • Dual-Stage Shock Sensor
  • DroneMobile Ready
  • Diesel-Engine Safe *
  • Alarm Alerts
  • 105+dB Alarm Siren
  • Aftermarket Alarm Control from Door Handle *
  • Aftermarket Alarm Control from OEM Remote
  • Arm/Disarm OEM Alarm
  • Updatable via Web/Mobile
  • Limited Lifetime System Warranty

* Additional parts and labor may be required.

More Info

FT-7000AS-CONT Remote Start + Security for Most Vehicles

Remote Start + Security for Most Vehicles

The MAX IT is FTX's ultimate solution for adding remote start and security features to over 90% of vehicles on the road. This system includes a CM7000 control module that supports hi-current vehicles (traditional bladed key) and low-current vehicles (push to start, tip start key fobs).

In addition, the MAX IT system includes a 4-in-1 security sensor, alarm siren, theft-deterrent LED, and starter-kill relay: all for the purpose of protecting your vehicle!

FT-7000AS-CONT The Original All-in-One

The Original All-in-One

In the mid-2000s, Firstech partnered with iDatalink to create the BLADE Universal Bypass module for most vehicles. This cartridge-style module slides right into the MAX IT system, allowing installers to easily add transponder bypass without hooking up an off-board module.

The BLADE is web-programmable, and can be loaded with vehicle-specific firmware to access various functions via the vehicle's CanBUS. That means: less connections, faster installs, and way more features!

FT-7000AS-CONT Advanced System Features

Advanced System Features

In addition to remote start and keyless entry, the CM7000 included with the MAX IT system includes several customizable features:

• Adjustable run times 3-45 minutes
• Diesel timer for safe remote starter on big rigs
• Turbo timer for reducing turbo wear
• Cold/hot start and timer starting for automatically starting
• Customizable auxiliary functions (windows, rear defrost, heated seats, etc.)

FT-7000AS-CONT Manual-Transmission Compatible

Manual-Transmission Compatible

The MAX IT remote starter + alarm is the industry's safest solution for manual-transmission vehicles.

In order to remote start a stick-shift, the MAX IT system must be put into reservation mode - which confirms that the parking brake is engaged.

Note: a DAS or DAS-II security sensor is required for installation on manual-transmission vehicles. In the event of a parking brake failure, the DAS or DAS-II will instantly shut off the engine if motion is detected. (DAS included)

FT-7000AS-CONT Choose Your FTX Remote

Choose Your FTX Remote

Pair any FTX remote kit with the MAX IT remote start + security system to greatly upgrade your system's range. Choose the FTX2600 and FTX2200 to also enjoy 2-way confirmation, which lets you know when your vehicle has been successfully started.

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